What is XBRL and Why?


XBRL stands for eXtensible Business Reporting Language. XBRL is an XML database that has nomenclature assigned to the numbers in the 20-F or 40-F filing. It is also a mechanical requirement that's filed as an additional exhibit at the same time as the 20-F filing.

The many benefits of using XBRL services include:
  • Improve the flow: XBRL’s “smart” data provides accurate and detailed information built right into each data point.
  • Increase visibility: Financial and business information data can be easily searched, extracted and downloaded directly from SEC filings.
  • Research: XBRL is the preferred, trusted method to research the competition, markets, sectors, trends and peers.
  • Financial reporting: The XBRL file becomes the official data feed for millions of investors, shareholders and third-party investment portals.
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XBRL Filing

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